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Summer Worship Hours are at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary

Church COVID-19 Policy (until June 27th)

o Upon entering the church building you must have a mask on.
o We ask that you enter the church either through the front Narthex doors or the elevator doors.
o When entering the sanctuary, please enter only through the center doors.
o When exiting the sanctuary, please exit only through the side doors. Following the benediction, you will be dismissed by pew. These measures will help with social distancing preventing people from passing each other in the aisles.
o We ask that once you have entered the sanctuary please be seated and remain seated. Please wait until worship is over to have your conversations outside.
o There will be hand sanitizer at the ends of each pew.
o We are roping off every other pew to comply with social distancing.
o There will be no nursery, children will be asked to sit with their parents throughout the worship service.

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The United Presbyterian Church of New Kensington is a member of:
Redstone Presbytery
of the Synod of Trinity
of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

The United Presbyterian Church of New Kensington was formed in 1973 by the union of three older congregations: Parnassus (1842), Westminster United (1876), and the First (1897) Presbyterian Churches.